Design Development

Stunning Examples of HTML5 Websites for Your Inspiration

1. COQ Hotel in Paris
COQ Hotel in Paris
A classy hotel comes with a classy website, integration of HTML5 platform with this website is where perfection comes on the site. Taking the visitors attention is the grey-scale map on the bottom of the page and that’s what we don’t see on every website, clearly, we see that all the details and the photographer made a good job building this site with love. Quality is the very key to making a web design look it’s best.


2. Sterckxhofsterckxhof
A Belgium hotel website offers short but sweet design of a website. Every detail starting from the logo is made in 18-century style with 21-century high tech look. A simple and functional website that’s the Belgium King Arthur.


3. Björk
bjork-comThe Icelandic pop icon Björk’s contains a real amazing 3D galaxy in the website and that’s not all that is a Galaxy without music they thought about all of that, every single move with the cursor on the site teleports you from one galaxy to another, Out of this world!


4. The Wilderness Downtownthe-wilderness-downtown
A project made and directed by Chris Milk, This experiment is a stunning example. Visitors simply enter their destination and the interactive music video drives them through Google Earth. Give it a try you won’t regret it.


5. This Shell
Promoting an album will never be the same with This Shell. The simple puzzle game that was created using canvas element needs to be solved within allocated time limit. When it is complete you get awarded with a free album. So, let’s go folks don’t lose time just reading. Try it!

6. Vlog

This is Marco Rosella’s Disco ball, rotates a collection of the favorites Youtube and Vimeo videos, made on HTML5 platform just give us an example that every single idea can come through only if we work hard.


7. Zipper Galeria

The zipper is an art gallery that presents new artists to the market. A bridge for an artist that are focusing on various platforms: painting, sculpture, photography, video, drawing, installations, media and prints.


8. Peanut Gallerypeanut-gallery

Peanut Gallery is a web experiment that lets you create and share video clips using only voice recognition to create title cards. Entirely build in HTML5 and using a brand new Google Chrome Web Speech API.


9. Project Prometheusproject-prometheus

Rendered in HTML5, this project challenges users with cognitive and physical assessments to see if they have what it takes to join the USCSS Prometheus crew.


10. Pi’s Epic Journeypi-s-epic-journey
Journey behind the scenes in this stunning HTML5 experience and explore how Life of Pi’s award-winning moments was brought to life.


11. Healing Histories

The story of harassed New Orleans’ residents rebuilding their homes and lives after Hurricane Katrina. It is an HTML5 run that workings across desktop & machine.


12. Lights & Shadowslight-and-shadowsLight as well as Shadows is a group specialized in virtualization of complex industrial products by photo-realistic knowledge. We old the HTML5-technology to produce a unique plus immersive experience.


13. Trionn Designtrionn-design

A one-page Website using parallax scrolling to make our lives easier, navigating through this website has never been easier its responsive design is attractive to their users and could keep them stay on the website whole day.


14. Air Jordan 2012

A brand people Nike never stops surprising us the Footwear specialists presents us a website neither less than For the Air Jordan 2012 edition nothing more I can say you must see it yourself.


15. MARTY.COMmartyMartin Ringlein, Design Manager at Twitter, that’s the man you should search for when it comes to inspiration his recent project shows us that with a combination of ideas and inspiration we can accomplish our dreams go check his site out, and you will see what I am talking about.


16. Every last dropevery-last-drop

How much water an average person consumes, every day? Yes, you guessed HTML5 is becoming a part of our lives. With graphic elements and transitions this website does the job perfectly for what is meant to be.

17. Laura Baffari Designlaura-baffari

Creating an interactive portfolio… touch, swipe, scroll what else name it! Laura did a great job with that. Her portfolio and her design, displaying her work in every direction.

18. My Pizza Oven

Yup, you guess it if it’s pizza then it’s an Italian. Renato is the guy that created this allure site for the pizza Pizza business. Every single scroll on his website makes you hungry, so watch out don’t eat your computer.

19. NUMERO10

One-page website. Parallax scrolling amazing transitions elements that you won’t see on any other site.

20. Jules Bassoleil

A single page portfolio where simplicity rules and effective navigation.