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What Makes a Premium WordPress Theme Premium?

WordPress has grow to be a massively widespread open supply running a blog and publishing platform. The abundance of free themes and plugins in addition to its ease-of-use have contributed to the attraction and recognition for utilizing WordPress. Whereas there are some nice free themes for WordPress, many solely provide primary performance and simplistic designs.

Since late 2007 nonetheless an growing variety of WordPress theme builders have been providing premium WordPress themes – themes that are provided for a set value. These premium WordPress themes are normally offered for between $50 to $250. Initially solely a small variety of proficient and well-known WordPress theme designers created paid premium WordPress themes which had been nicely designed, extremely useful, top-quality themes that reworked a WordPress set up from a easy weblog into a robust content material administration system. Nevertheless because the premium WordPress theme enterprise idea unfold, an increasing number of WordPress theme designers have hopped on the bandwagon making an attempt to money on the brand new pattern filling up their portfolio with premium (paid) wordpress themes.

Nevertheless with better selection and numbers of paid premium WordPress themes additionally comes various ranges of high quality. So what particularly makes a premium WordPress theme premium? Some traits that ought to set a premium wordpress theme aside from a free theme are listed beneath:

High quality and Distinctive Design
Premium WordPress themes must be simply that – Premium. They need to look higher and be of a a lot greater high quality and distinctive design than in comparison with these accessible free of charge.

Whereas all themes are completely different, on the whole premium WordPress themes ought to have extra “Options” than their free counterparts. What meaning will depend on the theme in query. Nevertheless some options could embody: “Featured Posts” areas, A number of structure choices for the house web page, drop down menus, a number of customs templates for pages, customized area choices, print model sheets and so on.

Customization Choices and Fexibility
Individuals need choices, so Premium WordPress themes must be customisable. Shopping for a premium theme will set you aside from the group considerably, however since different individuals will nonetheless be utilizing the identical theme, premium themes ought to be capable to be simply custom-made additional, whether or not or not it’s for the structure, colors, photographs, or all the above.

Reside Preview or Demo
There must be a dwell demo or preview of the theme so you’ll be able to take a look at it and test it out earlier than shopping for. If there isn’t a dwell preview or demo that must be a warning signal. You need to ask why do not they need you to check the theme first? All respected premium theme sellers could have a dwell demo filled with content material so that you can take a look at. Discover the dwell demo totally, testing all pages to see that the theme works correctly and there aren’t any errors or errors.

Full Help
Should you’re shopping for a premium WordPress theme it also needs to include a sure diploma of assist from the designer. The extent of assist can range nonetheless and can vary from personalised particular person assist from the designer, to the supply of boards or weblog remark sections for asking questions and acquiring assist from the designer and different individuals who have bought the theme.

Supporting Documentation
Premium WordPress themes ought to include an instruction handbook or doc. This could clarify the right way to add and set up the theme and the right way to handle any of the choices which can be constructed into the theme.

Free Updates
Wordpress is regularly being up to date and improved and a premium WordPress theme developer must be providing you free updates of the theme when required.

Nicely Coded and Error Free
There must be no coding errors, misspellings, X photographs, and so on in a premium WordPress theme. The theme has cross browser suitable and been examined to work correctly on all the foremost browsers, plus the theme ought to have clear and legitimate code and cling to strict XHTML and CSS requirements.

Design Development

Stunning Examples of HTML5 Websites for Your Inspiration

1. COQ Hotel in Paris
COQ Hotel in Paris
A classy hotel comes with a classy website, integration of HTML5 platform with this website is where perfection comes on the site. Taking the visitors attention is the grey-scale map on the bottom of the page and that’s what we don’t see on every website, clearly, we see that all the details and the photographer made a good job building this site with love. Quality is the very key to making a web design look it’s best.


2. Sterckxhofsterckxhof
A Belgium hotel website offers short but sweet design of a website. Every detail starting from the logo is made in 18-century style with 21-century high tech look. A simple and functional website that’s the Belgium King Arthur.


3. Björk
bjork-comThe Icelandic pop icon Björk’s contains a real amazing 3D galaxy in the website and that’s not all that is a Galaxy without music they thought about all of that, every single move with the cursor on the site teleports you from one galaxy to another, Out of this world!


4. The Wilderness Downtownthe-wilderness-downtown
A project made and directed by Chris Milk, This experiment is a stunning example. Visitors simply enter their destination and the interactive music video drives them through Google Earth. Give it a try you won’t regret it.


5. This Shell
Promoting an album will never be the same with This Shell. The simple puzzle game that was created using canvas element needs to be solved within allocated time limit. When it is complete you get awarded with a free album. So, let’s go folks don’t lose time just reading. Try it!

6. Vlog

This is Marco Rosella’s Disco ball, rotates a collection of the favorites Youtube and Vimeo videos, made on HTML5 platform just give us an example that every single idea can come through only if we work hard.


7. Zipper Galeria

The zipper is an art gallery that presents new artists to the market. A bridge for an artist that are focusing on various platforms: painting, sculpture, photography, video, drawing, installations, media and prints.


8. Peanut Gallerypeanut-gallery

Peanut Gallery is a web experiment that lets you create and share video clips using only voice recognition to create title cards. Entirely build in HTML5 and using a brand new Google Chrome Web Speech API.


9. Project Prometheusproject-prometheus

Rendered in HTML5, this project challenges users with cognitive and physical assessments to see if they have what it takes to join the USCSS Prometheus crew.


10. Pi’s Epic Journeypi-s-epic-journey
Journey behind the scenes in this stunning HTML5 experience and explore how Life of Pi’s award-winning moments was brought to life.


11. Healing Histories

The story of harassed New Orleans’ residents rebuilding their homes and lives after Hurricane Katrina. It is an HTML5 run that workings across desktop & machine.


12. Lights & Shadowslight-and-shadowsLight as well as Shadows is a group specialized in virtualization of complex industrial products by photo-realistic knowledge. We old the HTML5-technology to produce a unique plus immersive experience.


13. Trionn Designtrionn-design

A one-page Website using parallax scrolling to make our lives easier, navigating through this website has never been easier its responsive design is attractive to their users and could keep them stay on the website whole day.


14. Air Jordan 2012

A brand people Nike never stops surprising us the Footwear specialists presents us a website neither less than For the Air Jordan 2012 edition nothing more I can say you must see it yourself.


15. MARTY.COMmartyMartin Ringlein, Design Manager at Twitter, that’s the man you should search for when it comes to inspiration his recent project shows us that with a combination of ideas and inspiration we can accomplish our dreams go check his site out, and you will see what I am talking about.


16. Every last dropevery-last-drop

How much water an average person consumes, every day? Yes, you guessed HTML5 is becoming a part of our lives. With graphic elements and transitions this website does the job perfectly for what is meant to be.

17. Laura Baffari Designlaura-baffari

Creating an interactive portfolio… touch, swipe, scroll what else name it! Laura did a great job with that. Her portfolio and her design, displaying her work in every direction.

18. My Pizza Oven

Yup, you guess it if it’s pizza then it’s an Italian. Renato is the guy that created this allure site for the pizza Pizza business. Every single scroll on his website makes you hungry, so watch out don’t eat your computer.

19. NUMERO10

One-page website. Parallax scrolling amazing transitions elements that you won’t see on any other site.

20. Jules Bassoleil

A single page portfolio where simplicity rules and effective navigation.

Design Development Freelancing

How to become a freelance web developer

To be a web developer is becoming more and more popular these days. They can work from home, as much as they like, and above all, they get pretty good money for it. It sounds pretty appealing, but how to start a freelance web development business actually?

First, you need to build a strong and impacting portfolio which presents all of your skills. If you are web designer at the same time, even better. It is much easier to present yourself to your potential clients visually then through explaining your coding efficiency.

The examples of presentable portfolios:





And you can find quite a few more on:
Do your best, make your work stand out from the crowd. Spend a little more time on this, even if you are in a hurry and not so patient to wait for your checks, it will pay off definitely.
After you are honestly and completely satisfied with your portfolio, you start to make accounts on numerous freelancing sites such as:



And there are so many others, you can Google them easily.
Attach your portfolio to your profile; write a few words about yourself and about your work. Don’t be pretentious, don’t boast and don’t set some unreasonable pricing. However good you are, in the eyes of these people you are still the beginner and you need to gain their trust and a chance to prove your skills.

Once you get a chance, be responsible, professional and punctual. Respect the deadlines and meet the needs of your client. Even if pay is not what you expected at first, you do your job as you get the highest possible rate. First few jobs you will do more for “fame” and less for money. Don’t be discouraged by this, that is completely normal thing and you may consider it as investment in your future.

All of these freelancing sites work by principle of rating and recommendation, so you want good voice to be spread about your skills, cooperation abilities, professionalism etc. Once you get high ranking, you may raise your charge rates, but you still have to keep the quality level high. Quality level have to be high all the time, otherwise you may lose your decent income because of few easy bucks. It doesn’t pay off, we can agree on that.
It could take some time in the beginning, but if you are patient and hardworking, soon you will gain returning clients who will recommend your services to their friends and business partners.
When you get a plenty of contacts and feel strong and experienced enough to work on your own, you may quit with this business through mediators. By then you may have your own trusting and long lasting clients.
If you are an ambitious one and you have your own ideas for applications or some other software products, now it is the perfect time for you. You got some attention and you can place and offer your products to quite an audience. If you still need some stimulus, you have the opportunity to set up your start up project.

Here is where you can find the list of startup sites to which you could apply:
For a startup you need to have a good idea, but even a better presentation to persuade people they need your product so they can easily and willingly decide to invest in it. Anything can be on table, as long as you explain it clearly, show it concretely and perform it simply. From my experience, the best things are the ones that save either time or money for the customers. If it can be both you just can’t fail.

While you are spreading your start up campaign, do your best to have enough time to please your faithful clients, always keep that in mind, because that will keep you going. Solid foundations can’t be neglected, it is out of question.

To summarize it all, always be hard working, kind, modest, but appreciate your own values. Keep your positive attitude, because you have the skill for the present and for the future. If you can code, you will definitely have a lot of work, but it is up to you to optimize it and get the best and the most out of it.